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Animal Toys Set with Sound (Set of 8) | Jungle & Farm Talking Animals | Cow, Horse, Sheep, Rooster, Monkey, Lion, Tiger & Elephant Plush Toys for Boys & Girls

Farm & Jungle Animal Toys Set with Sound (Set of 8)

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Discover How You Can Offer Your Kid A World Of Joy And An Ear-To-Ear Smile!

Trying to find the best, softest and safest animal play set for your baby boy or girl?

Sick and tired of unhealthy plastic toys that end up ripped or torn apart after a few play sessions?

If all that sounds familiar, then you should absolutely give this play set a try!

Presenting The Ultimate Animal Toys Set With Sound By Plush Creations

Designed with meticulous attention to detail and with high-quality materials, these talking toys are safe for babies and toddlers of any age, plus, their colorful and striking design will definitely impress any baby boy or girl!

And The BEST Part?

Our plush farm and jungle creatures will not only stimulate your kid’s sensory responses and captivate their attention but they also come with TALKING SOUNDS!

  • "I’m a Cow"
  • "I’m a Horse"
  • "I’m a Sheep"
  • "I’m a Rooster"
  • "I’m a Monkey"
  • "I’m a Lion"
  • "I’m a Tiger"
  • "I’m an Elephant"

In other words, your kid will be able to start recognizing the basic farm and jungle animals, become familiar with the animal kingdom and have fun at the same time!

Plus, this provides you with the perfect opportunity to sit down with your children and explain the different traits and behavioral characteristics of each animal to your son or daughter, helping expand their horizons from a young age!

Not to mention, if you’re thinking about getting your son, daughter, grandson or granddaughter an exciting gift, look no further!

This plush animals set will surely please any child with its wonderful colors and talking sounds!